Maple Life Financial is one of the industry’s top providers because nobody understands the life settlement market better than we do.

How we do business says who we are and sets us apart from others, which is why our broker network is one of the largest in the life settlement industry. We believe that positive relationships with financial intermediaries benefit both Maple Life Financial and our institutional investment clients. Join Maple Life’s supplier network today!


All submitting financial intermediaries must be approved and be contracted with Maple Life Financial, and appropriately licensed where required. Please contact us to determine if you qualify for a brokerage relationship.

Purchase Parameters

Due to Maple Life Financial’s ongoing capital acquisition activity, the following policy purchasing parameters should be taken as broad and generally accepted guidelines:

  • Insured must be 70 and older, or have a health condition that drastically reduces their life expectancy
  • Policy Type: A transferrable Universal Life, Term or Survivorship policy.
  • Face amount: $100,000 to $50M
  • Carrier Ratings: A- or higher from Standard and Poor’s or an equivalent rating from another rating agency

Factors that affect purchase eligibility:

  • Life expectancy and medical history
  • Premiums required to maintain policy to maturity
  • Current cash values or loans, if any
  • Financial status of insurance company
  • Current market interest rates

* Policy must be beyond the contestability period

Policy Submission Requirements

When submitting a policy to Maple Life Financial the following information is required:

  • Application and Medical Information Release.
    An application for settlement must be completed by the seller and insured. The application includes life insurance, medical, and policy information release forms. A HIPAA compliant medical information release form must be signed by the insured
  • Medical Records/APS*.
    We require medical records covering the past five (5) years for the insured. Records from all doctors and health care facilities must be included
  • In-Force Illustration.
    The illustration must be obtained from the issuing insurance company. The illustration should be run with minimum level premiums to keep the policy in force until the policy maturity date

*In certain cases, non-medical reviews can be conducted. Contact us for more information on how a policy may qualify.

Submit Documents

  • To submit documents by email:
  • To submit documents by mail, please address the package to:

Maple Life Financial, LLC, Attention: Processing Unit
7200 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 720
Bethesda, MD 20814