Company Overview

Why we are different

  • We are institutionally owned.
  • Agency model origination with a large multi-channel asset aggregation footprint
  • Our in-house teams of attorneys, medical underwriters/physicians and financial analysts employ state of the art tools to ensure superior risk assessment on an asset by asset basis.
  • All of our clients are institutional investors.

We believe in what we do

  • We have been an active participant in the life settlement industry since it first emerged.
  • Our in-house compliance experts actively work with state regulators to promote and establish model practices.
  • We are co-founders of the Life Settlement Institute and supporting members of the Life Insurance Settlement Association.
  • Our senior team of insurance and financial experts offer industry specific leadership and are frequent speakers, presenters at industry events and authors in industry publications.

We have the credentials

  • Maple Life is a premier brand in the life settlement market.
  • We meet the necessary regulatory criteria and are able to purchase life insurance in nearly all states where required.

We honor our relationships

  • We do not interfere with client or distributor relationships.


Our Mission

To provide best-in-class services to institutional investors so they can achieve their objectives in mortality-linked and longevity-linked investments.

Our Vision

With an uncompromising commitment to world-class service, we will be the most highly regarded, creative and responsive organization in the mortality-based products market.

Our Values

  • Excellence — we continually exceed client expectations
  • Professionalism — we conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the generally expected standards for business activity
  • Proactivity — we anticipate and address potential issues appropriately
  • Integrity — we act in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards
  • Continuous Improvement — we consistently identify and execute opportunities to enhance process results

Our Best Practices

Our Best Practices

  • We are firmly committed to doing business the right way and strive to protect all parties involved.
  • Our dedication to sound business practices and industry compliance is well known and respected.
  • The right due diligence is conducted on every transaction:
    • we verify that all parties are properly licensed¸
    • we offer a rescission period to sellers where one is required¸
    • Maple’s E&O coverage extends to Brokers on Maple transactions¸
    • we use independent escrow services, even in states where it is not required¸
    • we employ anti-fraud and consumer privacy measures and¸
    • we are HIPAA compliant.


  • 2000 Incorporated as Stone Street Financial.
  • 2002 Acquired by Maple Financial Group and re-branded as Maple Life Financial.
  • 2005 Ranked STRONG (highest ranking) by S&P for servicing operations and AA+ (highest rating) by Scope Group for overall operations.
  • 2006 Bought by a combination of existing management and investment firm Reservoir Capital Group.
  • 2006 Spun off servicing operations into MLF Lexserv, a joint venture with Cantor Fitzgerald.