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Institutional Investors

For investment inquiries please view our services and contact us online or by phone at 877-777-0635

Financial Intermediaries

Please view our requirements, contact us online or by phone at 877-777-0635.

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Maple Life
Maple Life

Do you know your risks? Maple does...

Maple Life Financial knows the risks investors face because we began as an investor ourselves. Today, Maple helps institutional investors and financial intermediaries achieve their objectives in mortality-based products by providing them with the following services:

Institutional Investors

Policy Origination

Whether you seek a single policy or a large pool, Maple offers unsurpassed deal flow, sophisticated analytics, legal underwriting and a smooth acquisition process.

Policy Servicing

Buying assets is just the first step. Managing your assets requires advanced systems and processes to ensure you get the highest possible returns with the least amount of operational risk.

Portfolio Enhancement

Portfolios are not static. Maple can help you manage your investments in a dynamic fashion by providing advice on the construction, on-going valuation and crucial hold-sell analysis of portfolios that experienced investors need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Financial Intermediaries

Make sure your policy owners get access to Maple´s large and diverse client base of institutional investors. Maple Life creates value for our brokerage network by quickly determining the value of your clients' life insurance assets and efficiently managing the process of ownership transfer. Every broker is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager responsible for overseeing your cases from submission to completion.

Check out our policy submission requirements or contact us if you have questions.